Trillanes comes out smoking

JAILED military mutineer Antonio Trillanes yesterday took his oath as senator, promising to use his new position to work for the ouster of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Trillanes, 36, was allowed out of detention to take his oath in Caloocan City, his place of residence, following his victory in the May 14 mid-term elections.

More than 11 million voted for the former Navy lieutenant accused of leading a failed military mutiny that paralyzed Manila’s financial district in July 2003. The uprising was swiftly crushed without a shot being fired when the rest of the military refused to join the revolt.

Trillanes told reporters that when he begins his work in the Senate next month, he would work to prove Mrs. Arroyo cheated to win the May 2004 presidential elections.

“If we want to serve the country, we have to get rid of Gloria Arroyo,” he said.

He declined to give details.

Trillanes ran as part of the opposition slate while in detention in a military stockade. He is still on trial on charges of trying to topple the government.

A case is now pending in court on whether Trillanes could be allowed out of detention to attend Senate sessions.

The 24-member Senate is dominated by Arroyo opponents who have consistently charged that the President cheated to beat the opposition presidential candidate, actor Fernando Poe Jr., in 2004.

Trillanes also claimed that administration senatorial candidate Juan Miguel Zubiri had cheated in the May 14 elections.

“I wouldn’t want a cheat to join me in the Senate,” he said.

“I believe Congressman Zubiri knows deep in his heart that he benefited from cheating. If he is decent enough, he wouldn’t accept [victory in the Senate race] because that is not something you want your kids to emulate.” AFP with Jaime Pilapil

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12 Responses to Trillanes comes out smoking

  • Francis says:

    What can we expect from a rebel, coup detat starter. He has no legislative agenda, his only purpose is to wreak havoc in the senate in the next six years or so. Kudo Filipino people, we’ve just elected another person who will do nothing to uplift our fate. If you’re still living in the Philippines – good luck to us. I on the other hand will make sure I get hold of the classified ads section of my favorite newspapers looking for a job other than 7,000+ islands. Sayang.

  • Dodo says:

    Mayabang. Well may kaya namang magyabang e, nanalo e. Tiis na lang tayo sa kabulastugan na gagawin nyan sa Senado. Good luck to us indeed.

  • Datu Puti says:

    I’m all for Trillanes. I hope he will do good and believe that GMA should be ousted. I doubt he’ll be successful but am confident that he will help expose those responsible for the extrajudicial killings of over 800 people and the additional 100+ missing. Ang mayabang ay si GMA. Lagi nalang bukang bibig ay iyong ekonomiya na ang nagpapalutang naman ay ang bunga ng pawis at dugo ng mahigit walong milyong pilipino na nagiibang bansa.

  • Dang says:

    Sino ba bumoto dyan sa Trillanes na yan. Dapat itapon sa dagat.

  • Manuel says:

    What i cannot understand why? why? people have
    to vote for candidate`s like Trillanes.He is
    criminal why he went to jail.Now he is going
    to work in congress-with only one thing in mind-without thinking on how to help those fellow citizens who do not have jobs and starving.
    Here we go again another saga is going to unfold and who is going to benefit? The answer is nobody.

  • IGOROT says:

    This Just to show that most filipino people still have not learn from the fast (Voting showbiss people, athletes, and criminals)and when shits happened they blame the goverment. We need to educte our filipino poeple that this is not popularity contest, this is where you livelyhood relies on, the progress of the country and the succes of every filipino children. Our problem when it comes to politics is becoming personnal and vendeta. We need to realized that once a candidate get elected then the rest of our political people need to support that and work together for the progress of the nation rather that trying to putting down the elected candidate. If the candidate cheated then its up to the Judicial goverment and its agency to prove it. We need to work together and set aside personnal feelings for the improvement of our country.

  • jedi says:

    may panggulo na naman sa senado….. ganda sana kung hindi siya binabayaran eh… isa na namang pasakit sa mamamayang pilipino… TAMA KAUNG LAHAT WALA NAMANG AGENDA YAN…. o meron pala ang magulo at lalong pahirapin ang bayang PILIPINAS…… tulad din yan ng mga kumunistang nasa posisyon ngayon ang layunin lang pabagsakin ang pamahalaan para later on maging komunista na din ang PILIPINAS……. GOOD LUCK JUAN DELA CRUZ….. naway malagay ka naman sa magandang bukas…..

  • Datu Puti says:

    Read about Hugo Chavez

    Watch “The Revolution will not be televised” on youtube.

  • Datu Puti says:

    Jedi, what’s so bad about communism, explain the philosophy to me and tell me what’s so wrong with fighting for equality for all. Providing people with the basic human rights of water, food, and shelter.

    Igorot, I think the people are starting to learn. The majority of celebrities that ran this election lost. The defeat of the TU even after the rampant cheating on GMA’s side and the election of party list members for the people and senators like Trillanes is a clear message. Why do you think GMA is offering a general Amnesty. She knows the wrong she’s done and knows she’s in trouble. If it were up to GMA and you were truly igorot, I guarantee you your lands would be “developed” for investors or pillaged of it’s natural resources.
    We have the right and duty to blame the government when the “sh**” that happens is clearly their fault. The AFP and PNP have amounted to nothing more than goons working for corrupt officials. Extrajudicial killings and kidnappings. Misinformation and the repeated use of the NPA and its affiliates as scapegoats, even those officially not affiliated with them that may share a few ideologies. This new anti-terror act is trouble. I don’t think most people know what rights you’ve relinquished to protect the ruling class and the status quo. POLITICS SHOULD BE PERSONAL. If the problem comes from people holding power, let there be dialogue or impeachments. We need to get rid of television because we’ve become imprisoned by it. Our children go to schools learning about how beatiful they are and how they should be proud of their heritage but soon as they get make their way home there are advertisements and television shows that tell them otherwise.

  • lyn says:

    I hope makilala n’yo sya talaga b4 you speak foul against him. Totoong tao, totoong maglilingkod sa bayan! Why not give him the chance?

  • reb_el z. says:

    whoaaa…wow, i miss this discussion a full month…dang it.

    well, i believe in trillanes. In fact, I am really surprised he won. But to think again about how much people really spent for the election including the many fraudulent deeds, and the pay offs, and the killings, and the ballot switching…

    its kinda nice to see that trillanes had so many votes while still being under arrest. this is one of the tell that the government really is going on a downward cycle…reminder to US civic class, eugene debs garnered a million votes while in jail for opposing US intervention in WWI.

    anway, i believe in his cause for truth and justic…and i am all for his stay in congress…i mean seriously, what’s the other alternative? more patronage from fattened politicians? more kickbacks from all-talk, pro-poverty, big-business, foreign puppeted usual suspects in congress….shhhheeet…i people gave trillanes that many votes, its’ not him that’s the problem, its the government…a sure sign that we can’t trust our normal politicians anymore, and people are going to extremes to assure the government will truly represent and help the people.


  • Munti says:

    Jedi, can you immagine a congress session full of trapos….,ay kasuka !!.

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