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Angono muralist Jose Blanco passes away, 76

MANILA, Philippines — Jose V. Blanco, the folk muralist whose richly colorful and celebratory works of the Tagalog pastorale have been likened to another Angono muralist, the late National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco, died Thursday morning of heart failure. He was 76.

Top Filipino artist catapults Singapore

Award-winning Filipino visual artist Mark Justiniani, one of the country’s leading catalysts of surrealism and social-realism holds his first ever solo exhibition in the regional art mecca of Singapore. Social-realism in art often entails dark images depicting the harsh realities in society. The Las Vegas-based painter, however, has found a Read more »

Yoyoy Villame: National Artist for Music and Literature

By Lourd de Veyra – I WAS in college when I learned that Gary Granada counted Yoyoy Villame as one of his major influences, and I thought he was being ironic. As a Gary G., I wondered how a serious, socially committed singer-songwriter could look up to the man Read more »