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Media in the Storm: Lessons from the Great Flood

By Tito Genova Valiente – EVEN as we marvel at how Nature can teach us once more the falsity of humankind’s stewardship of environment (its own arrogant claim), there are many lessons we can learn from the Saturday flood and the dreadful Sunday that followed.

Manila’s misery

Arab News Editorial – The death toll resulting from Sunday’s devastating floods caused by Typhoon Ketsana in Manila and elsewhere in the Philippines continues to rise. But while nothing can be done for the dead other than recover and bury their bodies, a great deal can be done for Read more »

‘Ondoy’ was great equalizer

By Neal Cruz – Storm “Ondoy” was a great equalizer. The flood treated everybody, rich and poor, equally. It didn’t play favorites, exempting no one. It made everybody miserable. Celebrities and the influential suffered along with the poor.

Philippines Notebook: A national disaster brings death and blame

By Virginia M. Moncrieff – Like any Asian capital city, Manila is a magnet for people from the countryside wanting to make a better living. The city groans to over capacity; squatter villages and shanty towns spring up and ten years later they have taken permanent hold with their Read more »

500 jobs lost: Where’s the outcry?

By John Mangun – Last week it was announced that some 500 high-paying, career-building jobs left the Philippines. If these jobs has been lost due to the global slowdown affecting our export business, several politicians would have immediately been all over the television with their advice.

Come clean

Philippine Daily Inquirer NOT EVERYONE has the patience of a Fidel V. Ramos, whose enthusiasm for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has been “waning, waning” for four years now. He still thinks the President can “transform, transcend and transfigure” herself into “an object of admiration, not vilification” by 2010. But then Read more »