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Judicial quarantine

Editorial Philippine Daily Inquirer WHILE IT WILL REQUIRE A CONGRESSIONAL resolution for the country to start referring to Sen. Benigno Aquino III as the president-elect, the country as a whole has accepted that he has been conferred the most remarkable mandate since the present Constitution’s ratification in 1987. The Read more »

Manny’s No. 1 in this survey

Nestor Mata AS the presidential race draws toward its end thirteen days from now, Manny Villar is leading his rivals in the latest survey conducted by the Campaigns & Images Group (C&IG) from April 1 to 5.

Divorce and the Filipino

By Atty. Rita Linda V. Jimeno – Filipinos, much like the Chinese, are probably among the most ubiquitous nationalities in world. They are scattered around the globe and are found practically every where, even in such unlikely places as Maputo in Africa, where a friend of mine, a Filipino Read more »

Chosen 14th happiest, Pinoys don't think so

POSTSCRIPT By Federico D. Pascual Jr. FOLLOWUP: Our Postscript last Tuesday (“Pinoys abroad treated to distorted TV news”) elicited spirited discussion among readers, so I decided to pursue the subject with this borrowed piece on Filipinos being rated in a survey as the world’s 14th happiest people. Reprinted below in Read more »


By Conrado de Quiros Philippine Daily Inquirer A young man said he was doing it because he knew what it meant to have a disaster befall you. His family lost their belongings to a flood in the province many years ago. A woman said she was doing it because she Read more »

The Great Flood of Metro Manila

By Amelia H.C. Ylagan via BusinessWorld “Don’t blame God. Blame Man.” It was a damning “I told you so” from an angry environmentalist righteously talking down to “stupid officials and greedy real estate developers for the flood damage caused by tropical storm Ondoy.” Yes, all of us, even the Read more »