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Philippines’ image problem abroad

By Greg B. Macabenta – To say that the Philippines has “an image problem” abroad is an understatement. What we have is an image crisis. This has routinely been attributed to “unfair reporting” by the international media and “the endemic corruption” prevailing in our country. Thus, it is hoped Read more »

The Story of Philippine money

By Atty. Ignacio R. Bunye – From the beadlike form of pre-colonial Philippine money, to the early coins and notes of the Spanish period and the Philippine revolutionary government, the face of our country’s currency has evolved significantly through the years.

The Filipino-American Friendship Day

Filipino-American Friendship Day was first celebrated on July 4, 1963. Before this date, the Filipino people celebrated July 4 since 1946 as Philippine Independence Day. This was the day in 1946 when United States President Harry S. Truman proclaimed United States withdrawal, surrendering all rights of possession, supervision, jurisdiction, Read more »

Unhealthy immunity to World Cup fever

Soccer, the beautiful game, is the biggest sporting spectacle on our planet. Since World Cup 2010, or Mundial 2010 as the Spanish-speaking countries call it, began on Friday June 11 in South Africa the whole world has been gripped by soccer fever. Not the Filipinos, though. Futbol, fussball and Read more »

VAT on tollways

By Anthony Alden S. Aguilar Part I Several years ago, it would probably take you about four or five hours to reach Batangas Port if you are coming from Manila. With the South Luzon Express way (SLEX), it will now take you just roughly two to three hours to reach Read more »

Can Aquino really stop corruption?

By Neal Cruz – Whether it is on the dining table or the national budget, pork is bad and unhealthy. In the body, it clogs the coronary arteries with cholesterol and leads to heart attacks. In the national budget, it fills up the pockets of congressmen with illicit Read more »