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Rizal vs Damaso

By Carlos Celdran (The Philippine Star) Philippines – (Editor’s note: In the heat of press work for this issue, chief supremo Tim Yap talked to Carlos Celdran. “I held up a sign that said `DAMASO’ during an Ecumenical Mass in front of all the bishops and Christian groups,” Read more »

Martial law could have made Marcos a great leader

Dated September 21, President Ferdinand E. Marcos issued PD (Presidential Decree) 1081 which imposed martial law all over the Philippines. The popular belief is that Marcos imposed martial law in order to remain in power as his second and last term as president would have ended on December 30, Read more »

In this country, nobody resigns

By Emil Jurado – The Philippines is perhaps the only country in the world where the President takes full responsibility for a tragic hostage incident that has made us Filipinos hide our faces in shame.

‘Newsweek’s list of ‘best’ countries

By Butch del Castillo – According to a Newsweek survey, the best country in the world is a small, cold place in Europe called Finland. It is the “best,” that is, in terms of providing people a sense of national well-being based on the following criteria—education, health, quality of Read more »

In search of Fil-America

By Raul V. Fabella – There is a hypothesis that first-generation Filipino-Americans are the happiest bunch of people in the Fil-Am world. This claim is not so easy to disregard although it is also not easy to test. The vaunted measures of happiness are not yet available for Fil-Am subgroups. Read more »

Goodbye, Redford

By Jim Paredes – We were doing a noontime TV show together some 13 years ago. That’s how I got to know Redford White. I had met him years before but we never went beyond the customary ‘hi’. Looking back at the way our friendship played out, I Read more »