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Language, learning, identity, privilege

By JAMES SORIANO — English is the language of learning. I’ve known this since before I could go to school. As a toddler, my first study materials were a set of flash cards that my mother used to teach me the English alphabet. My mother made home conducive to Read more »

The real immaturity

By Butch Dalisay I’m coming late to the party — or rather, the melee — but since some students have asked me what I thought about the Mideo Cruz issue over at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, let me go on record with my opinion. I may lose Read more »

Why the RH Bill is bad: The Real Truth behind the Supposed Truth about the RH Bill

By Dustin Celestino I used to support the RH Bill. I no longer do. By the end of this document, neither would you. I have not supported the RH Bill since I attended a lecture in Megamall about the truth behind it. That lecture truly enlightened me.

The CCP Jesus Christ exhibit: It ain't art

By F Sionil Jose The artist who set up that controversial Jesus Christ exhibit at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) the other week must be grinning and enjoying all that brouhaha that has made him the central object of attention in the last few days.

Being Filipino

By Bong Austero – My column last Monday (Independence Day 2011) triggered a spirited discussion among friends on whether the current generation is less nationalistic than, say, the generation of our parents or if the concept of nationalism has simply taken on a different meaning today.

Down 43% among ABC

By Ernesto M. Maceda The latest March SWS survey reported an 18% drop in President Aquino’s satisfaction ratings from +64 to +46%. In the rest of Luzon namely Southern Tagalog, MIMAROPA, Central Luzon, Northern Luzon, Cagayan Valley, Bicol area and Cordillera Administrative Region, outside of Metro Manila which is Read more »