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Phuket Pinoy sports fest underway

PHUKET, Thailand: The second stage of the four-part “Pinoy Sports Fest 2009” will take place at the QSI International School on Sunday, May 24.

Detained Pinoy seamen rescued in Nigeria

By Dino Maragay – Nine Filipino sailors of an oil tanker that was hijacked by militants off the coast of Nigeria were rescued by authorities, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reported today.

Pinoy remittances up 3%

Dollar remittances from overseas Filipinos grew by a mere 2.7 per cent in the first quarter of the year amid the global financial crisis, the government said Friday. The growth rate was down from 24 per cent in the same January-March period in 2008, the central bank said. Read more »

Filipino Seafarers Top Victims of Somali Pirates

By Heda Bayron – At least 80 Filipino seafarers are being held hostage by Somali pirates – the highest number from any nation. The Philippine government has banned ships carrying Filipino crew members from sailing near Somalia. But as Heda Bayron reports from Manila, piracy is unlikely to stop Filipino Read more »

Schoolgirl told to choose: Country or parents

Arlan and Sarah Calderon hug their daughter Noriko farewell. TOKYO, Japan (CNN) — The clicking of dozens of news cameras drowned out the sobs of the 13-year-old girl, but her face explained what was happening in the departure hall of Japan’s Narita International Airport.

Filipinos march in HK

The comments angered a large chunk of the more than 120,000 Filipinos who live in Hong Kong, mostly as low-paid domestic workers. — PHOTO: REUTERS HONG KONG- MORE than 1,000 Filipinos marched through Hong Kong on Sunday to protest against a local magazine columnist who described the Philippines as Read more »