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Canada gears up for more Pinoy visa applicants

Canada is sending more immigration officers to its embassy in Manila in preparation for the expected huge volume of visa applications in the Philippines. The embassy’s visa processing offices will also be renovated for expansion to accommodate more applicants, according to Canada’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration in a statement Read more »

TSA checking passengers' immigration status for domestic flights

By Michael J. Gurfinkel, Esq. – Recently, a Filipina came to my office after she was “caught” by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) on a domestic flight from Newark, NJ to Chicago, IL. She was going through security on this domestic flight when a TSA officer asked her for Read more »

Green Card Despite 'Fixed Marriage'?

by Michael J. Gurfinkel – Recently, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (which is one court below the U.S. Supreme Court) held that an alien is not required to demonstrate a “good-faith” marriage in order to obtain an “extreme hardship” waiver of the requirement to file a joint petition to Read more »

US immigrants rush to beat higher application fees

By Emily Bazar – Immigrants are rushing to apply for citizenship, green cards and other benefits before hefty fee increases kick in at the end of the month.

Gloom, glee over demise of alien bill

PhilippineNews – THE FILIPINO AMERICAN community greeted with disappointment and relief news that the U.S. Senate had voted 53-46 to repudiate the comprehensive immigration reform bill June 28 Thursday. “I think the bill was killed because it amounted to amnesty,” said Wilfrida Pesigan of Jersey City. Community leaders were especially Read more »

July 2007 Priority Dates Go From Current To Unavailable

by Michael J. Gurfinkel — In mid June 2007, the U.S. State Department announced that the priority dates for all workers (except unskilled workers) would be “current”. That meant that visas (or green cards) were to be available, enabling those workers in the US who had approved Labor Certifications and\or Read more »