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By Joseph Pimentel – After working as a traveling nurse for the past five years, Alino, a registered nurse at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, said there were Filipino nurses in every hospital she was assigned in. From the Houston medical center in Texas, the University of Arizona in Arizona, Read more »

Working abroad still most Pinoys' choice to cope with difficult times

Several economic crises have swept over the country and Filipinos time and again fought and emerged survivors. But unlike two decades ago when they took to the streets in desperation because of the twin impact of soaring inflation and shrinking growth, Filipinos, who are now faced with a similar situation, Read more »

Pinoy migrants third largest group of new arrivals in US in 2007

By RODNEY J. JALECO WASHINGTON D.C. There was a slight decrease in the number of Filipinos immigrating to the United States in 2007, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Nonetheless, they comprised the third biggest group of new arrivals, next only to natives of Mexico and China. Read more »

Over 10,000 Illegals have been Deported from L.A. County Jails

By Michael J. Gurfinkel Esq. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that more than 10,000 illegal aliens have already faced deportation/removal after their arrest for various crimes and interview by Los Angeles County Jail officials on their immigration status.

Shadowy trails: Stories of the undocumented

By CHER S. JIMENEZ – abs-cbn news online SAN FRANCISCO—His voice reverberates in a downtown San Francisco train station as passersby, residents and visitors make their way to the Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART), the city’s main subway system.

Amazing Visa Journey

The consular officer who interviewed Arnel Pineda, a native of the Philippines, obviously agreed that he was not hired to deny visas – but rather to let the good guys in. As a result, Arnel Pineda is now the newest member and lead singer of the rock band Journey. Read more »