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What's your favorite Filipino dish?

By Mons Romulo-Tantoco – I can never survive on long trips abroad without having Filipino food. After a few days, I crave for sinigang na hipon and adobo. With our passion for eating, our country has produced world-class chefs here and abroad — some of them have even worked Read more »

‘No Worries’ for the Vegetarian Filipino

By Dino-Ray Ramos – For many, taking away meat from the diet of the meat-centric Filipino culture is like taking away their affection for karaoke and San Miguel beer. But vegetarian chef Jay-Ar Pugao has put these presumptions to rest with No Worries Catering, a business that caters (pun intended) Read more »

Filipino Flavors

Manila’s Magical, Misunderstood Cuisine By ROBYN ECKHARDT “But there’s no good food there!” friends told me as I prepared for a food-focused trip to Manila more than two years ago.

Jollibee delivers: OFWs can now send burgers from Dubai

By Zinnia De La Peña – Imagine Jollibee meals delivered to your door as a gift from Tatay in Dubai. That’s the beauty of virtual pasalubong: Jollibee Yum, Champ, palabok fiesta and peach mango pie delivered to you even if she’s a thousand miles away.

In summer, a taste of home

LOCAL FILIPINO IMMIGRANTS GROW, SHARE THEIR PRODUCE By Jessie Mangaliman – Mercury News – For Bay Area Filipino immigrants who want an authentic taste of home, the Western Pacific Oriental Grocery Store in Sunnyvale has long been a source for hard-to-find ingredients.

"Proud Harvest" veggie-enriched canton noodles to hit TN outlets

Vegetable-enriched pancit canton noodles with product label “Proud Harvest” will soon be made available at “Tindahan Natin” outlets, initially in CAR, Regions I, II, and NCR after its launching on July 30, 2008.