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Replica of 17th century galleon arrives in Manila

By Evelyn Macairan – A replica of a 17th century Spanish galleon docked at the South Harbor in Manila yesterday.

How to spark your child's love for Filipino

By Jose Claro – What do you call a person who speaks two languages? A bilingual. How about someone who speaks three languages? Naturally, a trilingual. But what about someone who speaks only one language? An American.

Batangueño in Harvard

By Karla Angelica C. Pastores – At first glance, Arnel Casanova exudes a quiet influence, an authority that you will clearly notice when he speaks. His attitude radiates simplicity, a giveaway of his roots as a farmer’s son who grew up in Batangas.

Time for Pinoys to be proud of their race

By Leilani Chavez – Creators of a website and a book that encourages Filipinos to be proud of their heritage reiterate that even before the Hong Kong hostage crisis last August 23, most Filipinos have been ashamed of their race and country.

Father-son tandem wins '24-Hour Restaurant Battle'

By Don Tagala – A Filipino-American father and son team recently won the $10,000 prize for putting up the restaurant of their dreams in only 24 hours.

Minority in Hong Kong

By Joseph Morong – For 18 years, Corazon Cañete has been eking out a living in Hong Kong with husband Jun and two kids. But something was missing. She longed for home.