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Ninoy Aquino: A hero for all seasons

By Nene Pimentel – It is the sum of his selfless deeds that gives meaning to August 21 as a celebratory occasion, to remind ourselves of the meaning of his life and especially of his epic death.

Why the Filipino is SPECIAL

By Ed Lapiz – Filipinos are Brown. Their color is in the center of human racial strains. This point is not an attempt at racism, but just for many Filipinos to realize that our color should not be a source of or reason for inferiority complex.

The Pinoy macho stripped–and feminized?

By Johven Velasco – Recently, I wrote about how the contemporary Filipino woman has assumed a stronger disposition and a tougher demeanor as presented on mainstream Filipino films, at least in the romance dramas and romantic comedies of the leading film outfits, notably Star Cinema.

Sala sa init, sala sa lamig…

By rossiv – Subic Rape Case Dilemma…Gayong hindi pa man tapos ang usapin, nang dahil lamang sa Visiting Forces Agreement, halatang takot na takot na iwanan tayo ni Uncle Sam. Gayong aalisin ang ‘Balikatan,’ bumigay agad na ibalik sa kustodiya ang suspek sa US Embassy. Kaya ang siste, ibinalik uli Read more »

I love my autistic son – Gian Vincenzo

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I’m so sorry to have been, literally, under the rock for the past few months – rarely had the chance to open my emails and lo and behold, when I did open them, the quantity of unread emails quite compared to the mudlides Read more »


Christopher wrote: Isang araw napagtripan ko kalikutin ang ilong ko, hindi ko alam kung bakit….(trip ko lang siguro yun dahil walang magawa) at may nakapansin sa akin sinabihan ba naman ako ng “Mukha kang Flip!” nabasag ang kahibangan ko sa pagsundot ng aking ilong at napahiya sa aking pinaggagagawa, pero Read more »