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Philippines to suffer worst climate change devastation

MANILA, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) — The Philippines faces serious threats of climate change as the rising temperature and sea level will devastate most of the archipelago’s ecology system, a U.S. space scientist warned here Friday.

McDonald's Helps Pinoy Cops Go Green

by Barnaby Lo Restaurant Chain Donates Used Cooking Grease To Help Power Police Cars On Biodiesel Police patrol vehicles in the Philippines capital are kissing high-priced gasoline goodbye in favor of more cost-efficient biodiesel – made in part with used cooking oil donated by local McDonald’s restaurants.

More than half Pinoy fauna nearly extinct

MANILA (AFP) — More than half the birds, amphibians and mammals found only in the Philippines are either threatened or nearly extinct, the environment and natural resources department said Monday.The tropical southeast Asian archipelago is the sole host to 1,137 animal species and 14,000 species of plants, the government agency Read more »

Philippine authorities hunt killer of rare eagle

MANILA (AFP) — Authorities in the Philippines are hunting the person who mutilated and killed a rare eagle just four months after it was released into the wild, a conservation group said on Thursday.

Philippines Vows Beauty Over Building in Tourism Drive

MANILA – The Philippines’ drive to attract more tourists must be balanced against environmental concerns after sewage spills and flooding triggered a construction halt on its most famous beach resort, a senior official said on Thursday.

New bat species discovered in the Philippines

An Ausytralian grey-headed Flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus). A new species of flying fox or fruit bat has been discovered on an island south of Manila(AFP/File/Greg Wood) MANILA (AFP) – A new species of flying fox or fruit bat has been discovered on an island south of Manila, it was reported Read more »