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Dress like Imelda

The news that Imelda Marcos is designing clothing accessories is just the latest twist in the trend for celebrity fashion ranges. Who do you think you are? Imelda Marcos? That tired old joke has been thrown at compulsive shoe-buyers the world over. But now confirmation at last comes that the Read more »

How's this for a fit: a shoe line by Imelda Marcos

MANILA — Surrounded by paintings by Picasso and Gauguin, an impeccably coiffed Imelda Marcos perched regally on the Louis XIV couch in her high-rise flat, discussing her topics of expertise: beauty, fashion and — of course — shoes.

RP to set-up its own test center for Pinoy nurses

PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo issued Executive Order 550, allotting P10 million for the creation of a task force setting up the country’s own testing center for nurses.

a drunk’s tale

(kwento ni atinna) pag uwi ko ng bahay ay di na ko makalakad ng derecho at tuluyan na akong nalugmok sa sofa. napagtripan naman ng asawa kong loko na kunan ako ng litrato at lahat pa ng anggulo dahil pag nagkaroon daw siya ng pagkakataon ay ipapakita niya sa tatay Read more »

Arroyo daughter comes to defense of Pinoys in NAIA

(via Inquirer) THE USUALLY low-key First Daughter questioned an immigration officer who had allowed a foreigner to jump the line of passengers waiting to be checked in at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport yesterday afternoon, according to a source at the NAIA.

Yowzah! Is that the dude from Ninja Kids?

(Here’s a restaurant by the beauteous Rachel Alejandro that promises to make you look like a real Ninja instead of looking like Ricky Rivero on a beach in a Superman shirt. Check it out. Link after the jump) The Sexy Chef, the amazing health food delivery business of Rachel Read more »